Dryer Vent Cleaning

Our total approach to dryer vent cleaning is affordable and fully loaded!

Be wary of pricing when you shop for a reputable vendor to clean your dryer vents! Not all companies have the right tools, training, and guarantee to make sure your home is safe from fire and that your dryer works correctly.

Our dryer vent cleaning prices are all-inclusive. We don’t charge trip fees, inspection fees, camera fees, or other hidden fees! We don’t like it when technicians charge us high, unexpected fees and are not transparent ahead of time. We treat our customers the way we want to be treated!

Dryer Vent Cleaning Pricing

Our pricing is based on where your dryer vent exits your home. The reason we price per the floor of the dryer is so we know whether a ladder is needed to access your exterior vent or not. Please see our prices below:

  • $149 for a ground floor dryer (this includes raised houses)
  • $189 for a second floor dryer (requiring a ladder to reach the exterior vent)
  • $229 for technicians to access a roof vent*

*We are able to clean most vents from the floor of the dryer

Our basic dryer vent cleanings include the following:

  • Per code vent inspection to ensure your vent is up to code
  • Full video camera inspection of your entire vent run
  • We use AirSleds to move your dryer around so there is no floor damage, even with a stackable dryer
  • We use only professional dryer vent cleaning tools
  • We use Pro-Spin brushes to polish the interior of your vent so lint is less likely to gather
  • We use full HEPA vacuums to trap all lint, keeping your home lint free
  • We clean the rear of your dryer
  • We clean your lint trap and use special vacuums to get the hard to reach area under your lint trap
  • We clean under and behind your dryer, making it lint free
  • We inspect the vent hose and clamps behind the dryer and can replace using only American made products
  • We inspect the exterior door and remove screens and ensure proper function
  • Lastly, we test the airflow to ensure your dryer is blowing correctly

How Much Are Common Upgrades?

If you need a better hose, we install crush-resistant, commercial-grade, high-flow vent tubes to connect your dryer to the wall. These GREATLY improve airflow and reduce the dryer time and we install thousands of these a year. A typical 4′ tube with new clamps is $69 and $15 a foot for each additional foot needed.

If you have a broken exterior door, or have a bird or rodent problem, we can install magnetic exterior doors that have a lifetime warranty and perform much better than the cheap, plastic doors on most homes. These are $89.

We do a wide range of vent re-routes, repairs, and upgrades and can quote these on-site with a complimentary consultation.

We also do multifamily, apartment buildings, condos, and HOAs. If you need service for a larger number of units, we can give you a price-competitive quote!